The Lappish Romance in Kota

Experience the place which makes Lappish heart fill with joy. Cozy surroundings with open fire brings the hearts closer and the Love Potions paves the way. This is the true Lappish romance

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Lappish Summer Bucket List

Embark into the most important Lappish traditions and activities and the beautiful private lakeside forest. Enjoy the experience with local guide of the forest berry picking, fishing, fire making ‐ explore the Lappish nature and lifestyle at its best

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The Taste of the Northern Lights

Snuggle up in the outdoor fireplace surrounded by warm blankets and snowy forest. Away from the busy city lights, enjoy the moments to yourselves and tasty bites that our chef has prepared especially for you

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Enjoyment of All the Senses

Tease your pallet with different taste of the North. Relax your mind and warm your bodies in traditional Finnish sauna and gaze up to the sky in the soothing comfort of Jacuzzi in the cold winter days. For brave hearts, test your endurance with a dip into ice water of the Lake Sieri. It is a true bliss!

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Candlelight with Sydänkäpy

Hidden place with comfort of luxury, our chef takes you to a journey of surprising tastes. Our chef carefully chosen exclusive menu will revive your desires and hidden powers of the Lappish ingredients will keep you two entertained for evening

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